• OBD I EG33 (SVX 3.3l 6-cyl) into '90-'01 EJ Subarus. This is a harness merge, which means I will need the bulkhead harnesses from both cars. ~$350.
  • USDM WRX EJ205 complete swap into GC Impreza. Dash, transmission, and engine swap. This means that the wiring harnesses (except door cards) from the B-pillars forward are entirely replaced with the WRX harness. The harness is then modified to plug directly into the doors, headlights, turn signals, dome light, tail lights, etc. This is another project for which I would need all said harnesses from both cars. ~$500
  • USDM WRX EJ205* engine swap into GC Impreza. This swap is quite a bit more in-depth than the one above (harness-wise) as the engine control stuff must be stripped out of the WRX harnesses, and merged into the GC harness. But does simplify other aspects of the swap, allowing you to keep the GC HVAC stuff, dash, etc. Again, both harnesses will need to be supplied. ~$600
There are many different kinds of swap harnesses I can do, and only one with a flat rate, but here's a list of things I've done, and what something like it would cost.

  • '90-'01 USDM EJ or EG Harness stripped and prepped for install in an EA-series Subaru or VW (Vanagon, 914, etc.). For this I strip the donor car's bulkhead harness down to the engine control stuff, mark the ~10 wires to be spliced into the receiving car, wrap it up in corregated loom, and return. $250 Flat Rate.
*most EJ255 projects will be pretty similar

These prices include labor, all elecrical connectors, tape, etc. and return shipping. Does not include donor harness. I may be able to source a donor harness, if you don't have one.

If you're not familiar with the engine codes, check here for full explanation:

Unfortunately, due to the small quantity of business I do, and the amount of work left to you (the owner/swapper), I cannot offer any sort of guarantee or warranty. But will be happy to remain in touch, and offer any advice/help that I can should you have difficulties.

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